• Temple History

    Parameswara Mangalam Kailasanathar Temple was built- as per archaeological records- during 9th century AD by Nirbatungavarma Pallavan- The last in the lineage of the great Mahendravarma Pallavan.

    This east facing temple was built in the middle of Palar river -about 75 meters from the southern bank of the river Palar, on top of a natural rock formation. It is surrounded by the golden sandy vastness of the river, a truly majestic and breathtaking sight.

    The main deity is Sri Kailasnathar with consort Kanakambigai. There are also Lord Ganesha, Lord Subramanya, Navagrahas and Chandikeswarar in the temple. The idols of Moolavar and Ambal have been brilliantly sculpted with minute details and are testimony of the era they belong to. The statue of Lord Ganesha in this temple is unique in that he appears standing, a nice and unusual posture, rarely seen anywhere.

    The historic evidence of this temple has been recorded by the Tamil Nadu archaeological department, based on the inscriptions found on a slab near the Ganesha idol (see image on left).

  • Present Condition

    This Majestic looking temple was evidently built during the very last days of king Nirbatungavarma Pallavan during 9th century AD. There are no Vimanams/Gopurams, only a solid brick structure that appears to be in reasonably good condition. However the structure over Ambal is slightly damaged and has wide cracks, needing repair.

    At the moment there is no access way from the Palar river bank to the Temple. During the monsoon season, the local people still, as did the temple priests in the olden days, wade through the river to reach the temple.

    There is no regular income for this ancient temple and the one time pooja a day currently being conducted, is owed to the personal contributions made by a few pious devotees. However the Panguni Uthiram festival is conducted in the month of March every year with large attendance.

  • Need to Renovate

    The heritage value of this Temple is the prime aspect. More importantly, the villagers in and around Parameswaramangalam have a strong emotional bond with the Temple. This is brought out by the fact that even now every Pradosham is well attended.

    Added to this, despite inaccessibility and meagre resources available, around 5000 people congregate for Thirukkalyana Utsavam during Panguni Uthiram, in March every year to seek Lord Shiva's blessings. This festival is organized, through voluntary contributions form the villagers at these times. Every year, a shamiana is erected on the southern side of the temple to facilitate the congregation who come to witness the celestial wedding of the Lord and His consort. During this event, the temple is nicely decorated and the deities adorned with artificial jewellery.

    This is testimony to the villagers' belief and the very need to renovate this temple, which is set in such a serene and pristine environment

    The very scenic setting of this Temple, in the midst of Palar river provides an environment that inspires pious feelings and tranquility of mind. Near and yet far removed from the hustle and bustle of modern life, this temple setting is an ideal place for prayer, meditation and further spiritual advancement.

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